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10 Places To Visit in Morocco


Morocco is a beautiful place to visit. With a wonderful crowd to mingle with while enjoying fantastic food till the end. It's a party from landing at the famous Mohammed V International Airport and till the end. This enjoyable journey can be placed wholly in place in a random location in Morocco, can you? No, of course, you can’t! And that’s where we have you covered; we’ve picked out the top 10 places for you to visit while you’re in Morocco. 




Based in western Morocco, this city is a darling sight to admire. With the vintage touch and closely-knit neighborhood with small alert ways running across the entire city, this place is an absolute for a visit. The vintage vibe still exits in this place when the souks light up and sell the most amazing traditional material throughout. This place has existed since the time of emperor Baber. The excellent work and the experience in this city are unmatched. There are food places which sell fantastic food while you can enjoy poets and musicians play lovely tunes. It’s a colorful and bright experience you don’t want to miss. 




We all remember that perfect movie by Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca. Well, this is the place. This is the place where you go to a party and not have to worry about the drive after because 

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This city is also on the Western side of Morocco and has a port that facilitates the trade from Morocco to several other places. This place has a luxurious and pleasurable nightlife with all the bars lined up. Always fun to live a little. 



This place is an absolute joy for those who want to see the history of the Moroccan world. Ranging from mosques to forts, this place has it all. The Babre-era rule, as well as the French-inspired gardens, this place sure is a beauty. Through all the beautiful old city this also has a modern          touch to the town. This hosts places which are stylish but have museums that display the history of the city to the public through ancient artifacts and statues. This place is a must-visit. 




If you want a breath of fresh pollution-free air, this is the place for you. There is no traffic in this; it’s just people walking by foot and donkey, which are used for transportation. There is so much to see in the old and traditional land of Fes. This place is where animal hydes are colored and dyed to make them prim and proper for trade. This is an open area and is a powerful smell. This place is still a host to traditional Islamic schools that teach traditionally and allows all to be groomed in the same manner. Add this to the extensive list. 




This is an excellent mix of tradition and the new world. With old palaces catering to being museums in the modern world give you the touch of the beautiful city, it has always been. The median in this city is mostly famous for the museums, which tell the world about U.S relations with Morocco and has the touch of the 1821 style. This is a beautiful city to print peace within a person. 




This seems like something straight out of an old Egyptian movie. This has all the old sand-colored houses and the touch of the early days like you’ve seen in Aladin. This as an extensive amount of camels that you maybe can supposedly ride through your journey there. The town is a quiet one, this was the home to the Almoravid mosque, and a few remaining parts of the fortress can still be seen in the city. 



This is no ordinary village. This place has all the activities you would need to relax. This has a fantastic skate park and gold parks, which not only have a fantastic view but also bring you peace of mind. These will put you in the spirit of traveling. This place also caters to the adventures of life with mountain hiking and beaches, which lets you ride camels and sip on some drinks while enjoying the perfect sunset. 





This place is a desert but has so much more to offer than just being dull and boring. This place will give you the time to remember. It is in the Sahara desert and located new the Algerian border, which makes it a gateway between multiple locations in the Moroccan land. This has a wonderful exhibitory time of seasonal birds when the DayetSrji river is full. This river, when dried off, does not go out of use. It becomes a seasonal salt lake. 

Now that’s a win-win situation. This dessert isn't always this boring. You can go camping here and feel the day change into the night and feel a cool breeze run by. There will always be things to do in this place and never be bored. 



This is a beautiful town in Morocco, which gives fantastic art culture to the Moroccan coast. This place has so many exhibitions which feature the fascinating Space exhibition. This place is known for the art and the daily live market, which sells exceptionally fresh fruits, bread, and vegetables. The harbor is filled with restaurants that you can enjoy while looking over the beautiful view in front. Did I mention that this has gorgeous beaches, beautiful enough to be called paradise beach? It needs a visit. 




Coming out of all the beaches and the deserts, this is a fresher look to life. This place has waterfalls which you can enjoy and be taken aback with its beauty. This has mountains which you can enjoy hiking. Imlil is a small town which is connected by taxis to Toubkal, and almost 90% of the visitors come here to travel further. 


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