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Some Essence From Moroccan Hospitality

While you are planning to travel but not want to limit the experience to the adventures only but to experience the real lifestyle, culture, hospitality, and love of the region, you may not have a lot of options. You need to find a place that will welcome you with hands wide open and heart warm enough to spread love and care. People who look for the touristy areas that are not only known for the rich culture, but the exemplary hospitality as well will not forget about Morocco. Morocco is a culture rich country that always welcomes tourists with welcoming hearts and a warm smile. 

Morocco has been rated as the third most welcoming country that loves its tourists and provides the best avenues with incredible hospitality and love. There are only around 40 countries out of 120 countries that welcome their tourists as Moroccans do, and people who have already visited Morocco will never forget to mention the hospitality of these lovely people while talking about their tour tales. 

Not only that, while you travel within the cities of Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, and other major cities, you will feel the same warmth throughout. Whether you are at the taxi stand, airport, or any other local place, you will enjoy having the adorable people around you. 

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A Moroccan family can easily host you. 

While you are in Morocco, traveling in the village, or using the taxi, or walking on a busy lane, striking a chat with the local, or with your guide, may get you an invitation. You are more likely to get invited by a Moroccan family to enjoy the feast with them. Also, when you are being invited, do not reject the invitation without a valid reason as the host may feel rejected. Secondly, you would not want to miss out on the heavenly feast and the amazingly tempting food by the local Moroccan family. 

Also, while you are in Morocco, you will not want to miss out on the cultural tidbits of such warm and welcoming people. Moreover, you will love t enjoy and evening the local while exploring the temptingly delicious food and drinks that you will crave when you are back from the vacation. 


Something about the habits and manners you should follow while in Morocco 

So, when the Moroccan family invites you for food, you will notice that Moroccan people eat from a typical dish, it is a way of spreading love. However, you can get your separate plate; the host will surely want to comfort you the most. While you walk in a room, you should remove your shoes and make sure you wash your hands before the meal. 

Muslims eat with their right hand, and it is highly appreciated if you do the same. You will love the culture of eating together and talking about the day and everyday events. The host will be more than happy to comfort you and satisfy you with the best he can, and the best gift you can give him is your cheerful face and a warm smile to make him feel that you are adequately comforted and extremely happy with the protocol. 



More about hospitality in Morocco

The food process in morocco is a long one. You will get started with a cup of tea or kehwa, followed by sweets and dry fruits. But that is not it; You need to be prepared for the fantastic feast that is getting ready for you. You will then be served with the couscous, or tajine of chicken and much more than that as well. When you think that was all, you will have another meal waiting. So, we suggest you eat in moderation with every serving round and do not assume that the meal is over until to see the fruit, which is the concluding meal most of the time. 


What else is there to discuss?

The Moroccan host is loving and kind and will also be generous, but you also need to make sure that you put your best foot forward to give them the same generosity in return. If you are helpful to them, they will be even more kind to you and will comfort you even more. While you have the meals with them, try to be generous and kind as well, a warm smile will win their hearts. 

Also, the discussion on religion is not welcomed; however, if you have any queries, they will surely discuss it. You should also try to wear modestly while visiting the Moroccans, the modesty, and the more body you have covered will also make it easy for them to comfort you and satisfy you with their hosting. 

While you are planning to visit any religious place, it is recommended for both men and women to dress modestly and appropriately cover their bodies. A bath is also needed, usually known as ablution, while entering the mosque.


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You can explore more about Morocco in our other blogs. We are sure that you will love your stay in Morocco, and the tour will leave you with a ton of amazing memories to cherish and share. 

Happy traveling!