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Top Airports in Morocco

Airports are the first thing that brings you into a country and start the journey for you. Airports are places that set the sail off for you and getting it right might bring good luck. We’ve compiled for you the best airports in Morocco to land to. From Marrakesh to Rabat, we’ve got it all stored for you to travel into. 


Casablanca Mohammad V Airport

Located in Casablanca this Casablanca Mohammed V airport is the business in the city efficiently handling over 9,732,044 passengers. This being one of the busiest might be the biggest airport to operate in Morocco. Casablanca was built in 1515 and is a trendy city in Morocco. There is two terminal which handles the flights, namely terminal 1 and 2. There are 2 connecting long ways as well, N9 and A7. There have been changes in the architecture of the terminal 1 since it has been recently renovated. 


Marrakesh Menara airport

This airport handles 5,279,575 passengers and accommodates them on the daily. These passengers are mostly flying for holidays. By statistics, there are almost 50% of people who are flying, fly on charter airlines or are low cost. These airlines fly all over the country and Europe. This is an easily accessible airport by the use of any taxi or such transport, and you can reach through using the Avenue Guemassa. This has two terminals which have buildings that stand tall and are built beautifully but in-between these there are old buildings too. The most significant operating airline in this airport is Ryanair. 


Rabat-Salé Airport

The total amount of passengers handled by the airport is 

987,485. Considering this amount, it is much lower than the other two big operating airports, but in a practical approach, this number is also pretty significant. This has pretty good connections with the Ryanair and Royal Air Morac. These two airlines serve the most amount of flights at the airport. While being one of the biggest airports, this does only consist of 1 terminal at the airport. This place is also near Salé, which is a city of around 900,00 people living there. The N9 easily accesses the airport through both Rabat and Salè. 


Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport. 

This place accommodates around 1,127,541, which is practically a huge number. And thy place does successfully carry out the process of providing excellent services to every one of the people who arrive here. This place is named after the explorer who traveled in the 14th century and resided in Tangier. There are two terminals but uses only 1. This place can easily be reached by the national highway of the city using any transportation, for example, a taxi or commute your way through.   


Agadir Al Massira Airport 

Accommodation almost 2 million passengers this is the 3rd biggest airport which operates in the country. This is located in the city of Agadir and can be accessed through the N1. This place is a tourist attraction and pools a lot of tourists every year. Three major airlines operate in this airport, which is the Royal Air Maroc, Arabia Maroc, and TUI. The airport has and operates on only one terminal and manages to survive entirely. 


Fez-saïss Airport. 

This city lies with being the most important in Morocco and is listed amongst cities such as Marrakesh and Meknes. The City has managed to host one of the biggest crowds on any airport and has handled almost 1,309,481 customers. Having a good network, the most significant operating airlines in the airport are Ryanair and Air Arabia Maroc. Using taxi serves, you can reach the airport from Fez, taking the route of the N8 and the A2 motorway. 


Oujda Angads airport 

This is one of the smallest airports which are talked about in this article. It accommodates a vast number of 675,917 passengers and has made a list. This is located in Oujda, which is considerably serving a smaller airport. This is the biggest city that exists in the oriental region. The airport is easily accessible through the N2 road, and the airport itself is located in the North of the town. Two terminals are used at the airport; both of them do not hold the same value. Terminal 2 is big and much more modern in its touch while the terminal 1 is relatively smaller and pretty old. 


Now coming out of the airports, you can easily see the beautiful city make a tour around the country. There are certain things that I would add for you to enjoy doing while you're in Morocco. 

Try all the food you can. Moroccan cuisine is rich in influences from all over the world and is known to be diverse and has a lot of different dishes catering to every palette which tries it. 

Each city has a unique touch to it. The medinas in every other town are beautifully filled with souks to travel between and have a fantastic time. The beautiful sights to see are always be cherished as memories. Cities like Casablanca and Fez are famous for the beauty they hold are the souls that they host. These cities have the most beautiful architectural structure which exists in a town like Morocco. These places are stunning in the marbled tiles and the beautiful roofs that stunning entrances. 


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